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Friday, July 12, 2013

Pinwheels & Ponies Party!

Last week my baby girl turned 5!!
I was so distraught that I had to throw her a big 'ol party!
My daughter requested a pony party, so fun!

I searched high and low for the perfect party outfit, and I fell in love!
This beautiful dress is from Ourfox and it is my favorite!!

I decided it would be fun to have red, white and blue
and pinwheels to go along with my current obsession!
We decorated the greenbelt with pom poms, pinwheels,
and balloons in red, white and blue!

I set up a station for all the little cowgirls and cowboys
to drop off their gift and pick up a hat from Oriental Trading!
This adorable stand was created by the super talented

I contacted Happy Hooves and they brought 2 of the sweetest ponies!
The owner and her assistant were great with the kids and led them round and round.
Kelsey declared this was her favorite part!

Our little guests were all so excited for a ride on the ponies!
They lined up to ride over and over again!

Of course any party is all about the food,
and I had fun thinking up favorite treats
in red, white and blue!

The Lofthouse cookies and donuts were a big hit, and I didn't have to make them!
The layered rice krispy treats were totally easy, and always popular! 

My husband cut the watermelon and put a few stars on top for fun!
The strawberry & blueberry cups were popular 
and we liked them with a little whipped cream on top!
There was water and strawberry soda on ice for the little parched pony riders!

After the ponies went home, we played pin the tail on the pony!
I made this cute poster with clip art from Print Candee and printed it at Costco!
Most of the tails were placed on the pony's rump, but a few ended up on the outsides!
The kids thought it was hilarious to see where the next one would go!

While the kids were busy with their game, I got the cupcakes ready!
I ordered these adorable red, white and blue layered cupcakes from Cupcake Friday!
The darling pinwheels on top were made to match perfectly by Earth Cookie Creations!

We all sang happy birthday and cheered as she blew out 5 candles!

As all our little party guests went home, I sent them with a fun bundle...
a pinwheel, glow in the dark bracelets, and popcorn!

We had a blast celebrating our little girl's birthday!
Thanks to all the wonderful folks that made it so special!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Donut Birthday Cake!

In our house DONUTS are their own FOOD GROUP.
We LOVE them!!

And so when it comes to birthday breakfast in our house...'s got to be the DONUT BIRTHDAY CAKE!!

We look forward to it every time there's a birthday!
We just pile up a dozen donuts!
It works best if they're all roundish.

Nothing says Happy Birthday like your favorite donut!

Happy Birthday Everyone!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Butterfly Birthday Bash!!!

Saturday was my little girl's 4th birthday!!
She requested a butterfly party and it was so fun!

We handed out invitations to all her little girlfriends!
(I got reports that they were carried around everywhere and some cute girls even slept with them!)

I made this fun banner out of material from my scrap basket.
The squares are the same fabric I used to make the Jedi robes from the Star Wars party!

There were butterflies hanging everywhere!
I loved these pretty paper lanterns from Party City!

We snacked on fresh fruit, marshmallows, goldfish, donut holes and pita chips and dip!

The girls had fun decorating foam butterflies, flowers and hearts!

They gathered round the cookie decorating table...

...and made the butterfly sugar cookies look fancy with frosting and m&m's!

While they munched I read them The Very Hungry Caterpillar because he turns into a butterfly!

Then they got their own wings, net, and butterfly treasure hunt bag!

Big brother Jeremy was excited to be our butterfly safari leader!

He took the girls around to gather all their butterfly swag!

Oriental Trading was a great source!
The girls collected butterfly lollipops, bubbles, pencils, necklaces and slinkies!

I also made them each a little ribbon butterfly hair clip!
I think they're so cute!!

We played pin the butterfly wings on Kelsey!

I loved these edible butterflies I found on Etsy!

Happy happy birthday to my beautiful butterfly princess Kelsey!!
It was a fun fun day!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Keep Calm and Get Your Birthday On Printable!

This little girl is having a birthday party.
In 1 week!!


So I made this printable in honor of the occasion.

As always my printables are free for your personal use!

Click HERE to download my printables!
Upload it to your favorite store and print as an 8x10!

Happy Birthday celebrations to you all!!


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