Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mickey's Halloween Party!

Every year Disneyland hosts a special Halloween celebration!

It has been a dream of mine to take my kids to Mickey's Halloween Party for years!
This year Disney made my dream come true!!

My little Jedi was ready to take on the party!

Tinkerbell was so excited for the candy!

Decorations from the parking lot all the way through the park
got us excited for Halloween Time at Disneyland!

When we walked in the park, we were given wristbands.
These identified us as Mickey's Halloween Party guests!

The special tickets for Mickey's Halloween Party allowed us to enter the park
3 hours before the party started to have some extra fun!

We rode our favorite rides, ate and watched the parade.

It was so fun to be there together as a family!

At 6:00 the park closed and the lights came on for Mickey's Halloween Party!

The kids were excited to go trick-or-treating with their special bags from Disneyland!

We had to check out The Haunted Mansion,
all decked out as The Nightmare Before Christmas!
One of my favorites!

The train station sported some cobwebs...

...and some spooky villains for photo ops!

The crowning jewel of the night was the Halloween Screams fireworks spectacular!
My favorite fireworks show ever, with Jack Skellington as the host!
Ghosts floated across the castle, laser beams shot across the sky!
Amazing! I could watch it over and over!!

Mickey, you sure know how to throw a party!
We can't wait to come again!

Mickey's Halloween Party will be open through the month of October!
Hurry and get your tickets, the party sells out fast!

Click HERE for more information.

Thank you Disneyland for making my family's dreams come true!


Angela King said...

omg! so lucky!!!!!!!!!!!! we are dying to take our kiddos there too. but disneyworld as we are east coasters....fingers crossed we can get there next year! :)

Cherish said...

The Haunted Mansion looks fantastic!

Tasha said...

I am SOOO excited you got to go!! So much fun. I LOVE Disneyland. It really is a magical place. :) said...

Love the pictures. I love this time of season, Disney decorates so beautifully.

Kyla Armstrong said...

Great pictures, woman! Looks like you had a blast :)


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