Saturday, March 9, 2013

Fantasy Faire at Disneyland!

This week I had a dream come true...

I got to go to the media preview of the new Fantasy Faire at Disneyland!

It was so fun to be there with other great mommy bloggers and social media specialists,

The new Royal Theatre hosts two fun stage shows.
First up was Beauty and the Beast.
So fun!! And so great how it will appeal to boys and girls!

After the show we stopped for a snack at Maurice's Treats!
They have yummy twists, savory and sweet!
My favorite was the Boysen Apple Freeze with Passionfruit Foam!
So yummy and sweet, I can still taste it!

The new princess meet and greet in the Royal Hall is so magical.
The princesses are all so sweet and really take time to talk to the children.
I loved all the royal carpets and chandeliers!

In the middle of Fantasy Faire is Rapunzel's Tower.
She sits at the top and her hair winds round and round.
I can't wait to see it light up at night and sing!

The second show in the Royal Theatre is Tangled.
This was my favorite!
We were laughing so hard at all the puns and shenanigans!

The shows are made even more special with the accompaniment of a live pianist!
He was fabulous and really added to the quality of the show.

Fantasy Faire is located just to the left of the castle
and opens on March 12th!
Don't miss it!

*I was provided entrance and treats in exchange for my review.
I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it!!

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Angela King said...

so awesome! i'm jealous. it must have been amazing!


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