Saturday, October 26, 2013

Cupcake Friday!

This sweet little cupcake maker lives by me...
Kelly with Cupcake Friday!
Every Friday you can pick up a different order of deliciousness!

Kelly whipped up these fun red, white and blue cupcakes 
for my daughter's birthday party this year!
(Pinwheel toppers by Earth Cookie Creations)

The frosting is my main priority, and as you can see, 
this girl has got you covered!

And bonus, Kelly's cupcakes are not only delicious, 
they're also dang cute!

Oh Joy...Almond Joy that is!!
I can't wait for the next time she makes these!

You can pick up Kelly's cupcakes in batches of 4 or more, 
all packaged pretty and ready for your next party, or just you!
I personally don't want to share, now that I've tasted them.

You can find Kelly and her cupcakes 
at the Queen Bee Market this coming weekend!
Be sure to stop by early, because she always sells out!

Check out Kelly on Facebook and Instagram for weekly cupcake updates!
Your tummy will thank me.

1 comment:

Katherines Corner said...

rats I just drooled on my keyboard...xo


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