Friday, November 8, 2013

Guest Post from Zillow: 6 Ways to Create a Study Spot for Kids

I'm so excited to have a guest post for you today from Zillow!
Tali Wee offers lots of amazing suggestions to create a great study spot in your home!

6 Ways to Create a Study Spot for Kids
By Tali Wee of Zillow

It is often difficult to motivate kids to sit down and focus on schoolwork in a home full of distractions. 
While it may seem convenient to work at the kitchen table or on the living room sofa, 
designated study zones encourage focused energy 
and motivate kids to complete homework in a timely fashion.
It can be challenging to create a designated study room for kids. 
Short of relocating homes for additional square footage,
homeowners can incorporate a schoolwork spot in existing parts of the house. 
Consider these six ideas for space-saving and effective ways to get kids learning.

Utilize Empty Closet Space
By storing clothes in a dresser or armoire, the closet is freed-up for a study nook. 
Remove closet doors and install a built-in desk, drawers and shelving. 
Embedding the desk in a fitted alcove eliminates potential distractions.

Establish Organization Tactics
Keep clutter off the work space by hanging corkboards and fabric boards. 
These displays keep calendars, previous projects and study materials organized. 
Hanging progress reports motivates and reminds kids about the importance of studying. 
Be sure to add decorative flair to the space without creating unwanted distractions. 
Another decluttering technique is to hang supply baskets. 
Kids can throw supplies in the baskets when they are done with schoolwork 
rather than leaving pencils and protractors scattered out on the desk.

Install Long Countertops
Need study space for more than one child? 
Install a low and extended countertop on an unoccupied wall.
Solo study sessions can also benefit from the extra space.
Spreading out notecards and books makes reviewing information a breeze. 
Further, creative school projects can be easily laid out 
and assembled without creating a mess on the furniture or carpet.

Incorporate Inspirational D├ęcor
It’s important to create a space that stimulates concentration,
but it’s also necessary to incorporate elements to inspire creativity. 
Consider hanging wall maps or stenciling scholarly quotes on walls around the study space. 
These installments are pleasing to the eye but also create a study-centric atmosphere.

Paint a Chalkboard Wall
Chalkboards are a great way to allow kids to play the role of teacher. 
Allow them to work through homework problems with friends or siblings 
on a designated wall in the house. 
Chalkboards add fun and creativity to studying and make work feel like play.

Loft a Bed for Desk Space
If the bedroom is the best space to set up a nook to study,
consider lofting the bed and placing a desk underneath. 
The fort-like atmosphere is appealing to adventure-seeking kids 
and the proximity to the bed allows for an easy transition from late-night studying to sleeping. 

While these options don’t guarantee an A+ on the next exam,
they encourage students to get work done efficiently outside of the classroom. 
Discuss various installments that may help keep children attentive after school. 
It is important to consider their input 
since the kids who influence the creativity of the design
benefit most from a functional study space.

Thanks Tali! I am feeling so inspired to tackle my space and make the most out of it!

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Andrea said...

I really need to create one of these. What great ideas! Thanks!


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