Sunday, September 14, 2014

Movie Review: The Identical

This weekend I had the opportunity to see the new movie 
by City of Peace Films, The Identical.

The movie begins in the Great Depression and tells the story of a sweet couple, 
Brian Geraghty and Amanda Crew, surprised with twins, and no money to care for both of them. 

In an agonizing decision, they give one of their precious babies to a preacher and his wife, 
Ray Liotta and Ashley Judd, who are unable to have children of their own.

As the boy grows, he discovers his own musical talents and is drawn to performing 
despite his daddy's wishes that he follow his footsteps into the ministry. 
He is unaware that his twin brother has been following his own musical path.

The movie follows the boys as they lead their separate lives, 
unaware of each other, and with their individual struggles.

I was excited to see The Identical because it was a movie I could bring my whole family to enjoy
 without worrying what language my children would hear, 
or what inappropriate scenes they would see. 

I found this movie to be heartwarming, bringing me to tears one moment and laughing the next!
And we were dancing in our seats to all the great music!

The Identical is out in theaters now!
Go check it out and show the movie industry that we want clean films for families!

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