Monday, August 25, 2014

Etnies Scout Kids - No More Stinky Feet!

Living in California, our toes are rarely contained.
We run around barefoot or in barely there sandals in the sun!

But now that school is starting we need a shoe that will keep our kids safe 
on the playground, during P.E. and other activities.

When we received our etnies I was skeptical that they would be any different 
from other sneaker type shoes we had tried.

But they were different! 

Lightweight, well-made and boasting a combination of breathability, 
STI Evolution Foam™ midsole and the Ortholite outsole,
 which features a patented salt-based antimicrobial that fights against fungus, bacteria and odor!

Our kids feel like their etnies make them super fast!
And I love a pair of shoes that make my kids feel confident and comfortable!

Our kids go to a charter school that requires uniforms and it's always a challenge to find a shoe 
that will look good with their preppy plaid uniforms and also their gym clothes.
Etnies are sleek and come in a variety of colors to match whatever you wear!

The black are fantastic but I'm going bold this year 
and ordering these aqua/dark grey for my kids that match their uniforms perfectly!

Etnies also sent me my own pair of mommy scouts!
I love walking without feeling like I have weights tied around my feet from clunky sneakers.
These shoes make me feel like I can fly around the block!
And bonus, with every pair of etnies you purchase, a tree is planted!

Etnies Scouts are our new favorites!
I love having one less thing to worry about for back to school shopping!

Check out all the great options at!
And check out etnies kids on Facebook and Twitter too!


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