Monday, June 20, 2016

What's New at Knott's Berry Farm Summer 2016!

Come with us to Knott's Ghost Town this summer!
There's lots of fun new features to keep your whole family entertained!

Ghost Town is home to the fastest, tallest and longest 
wooden roller coaster on the West Coast, Ghostrider!


All 4,533 feet of track have been replaced for the smoothest ride ever!
I was so excited to ride it, since it used to be too rough for my husband and I.
It was so fun; I laughed the whole way through, and went on it 5 times in a row!

Walking into Ghost Town, you will be greeted on every side 
by characters come to life from the Old West!
You might find yourself delivering a telegram, being sworn in by the mayor,
or even in the middle of a bank robbery attempt!

I was thrown into jail by the sheriff 
and could only get out by singing I'm A Little Teapot!
I could spend all day talking to the Ghost Town folks!
They all had life stories and parts to play; 
we were thoroughly entertained and amused by their personalities!

One of my favorite changes to Ghost Town was the old barn.
It has been converted from a retail space into a livery stable,
 where you can interact with the horses who pull the stagecoach.
They were so sweet and I even got a smile and snuggle from Lucky!

End your day with a hoedown in front of the Bird Cage Theatre
with all the fun characters from Ghost Town!
You might find yourself dancing with the mayor's wife, or the barber!

And don't forget to stop by the newly remodeled Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant!

Every inch of the restaurant has been redone, and it is gorgeous!
Every room is lovely and decorated in a different theme.
You'll feel just as welcome as the first patrons did 75 years ago 
eating fried chicken off Mrs. Knott's wedding china!

My favorite spot is in the back where you can eat outside on the deck with Ghostrider in the background.
A little boysenberry punch on a summer evening is my love language.
And let's talk about those hot buttered biscuits 
dripping with boysenberry jam...heaven!!
I always have to take an extra order of those home with me;

Hope to see you at Knott's this summer!

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