Monday, August 27, 2012

Review: Pony Royale!

A few weeks ago I was introduced to the beautiful new world of Pony Royale!

These princess ponies came to play at our house and meet some new friends!

My little girl and her friends were so taken with the ponies!
They played pretend and made their own pony stories!

The dressing carousel was so fun for the girls as well as they exchanged accessories 
and got their ponies dressed to play!

Look in the mirror princess pony, you look beautiful!

I loved how the girls who didn't know each other were instantly connected
by the world of Pony Royale in a new world of make-believe!

The thing that sets these ponies apart is their unique ability to change their look!
The ponies can exchange manes, tails, blankets, tiaras, and pony skirts!
I especially love that the girls can do this themselves!
The exchangeable pieces are secure but easy to use for little hands.

My daughter is enchanted with Pony Royale!
There are 12 different ponies and we can't wait to collect them all!

 I know the little girls in your life would love to pretend with Pony Royale!
These darling ponies and their accessories can be found at a store near you.
They would make a great gift for any girl ages 3-10!

You can also check out Pony Royale on Facebook and Twitter!

Thank you Pony Royale for coming to play with us!

(Disclaimer: I was provided with Pony Royale ponies and accessories to host a party. 
We truly love the ponies and are excited to share them with you!)


Dixie n Dottie said...

This is too cute! Looks like they had fun! :)

ShirleyRunner said...

Those are so cute, I know my daughter would love them


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