Friday, September 27, 2013

Review: Orangetheory Fitness

Last week I had the opportunity to try out a new gym in Newport Beach.
As a non-exerciser, I was curious and a little intimidated to go!

From the moment I walked into Orangetheory Fitness, I felt at ease.
The staff are very friendly! They signed me in and gave me a heart monitor 
to strap around me under my clothing which tracked my progress during the workout.

Participants follow their heart rates and calories burned on TV screens throughout the session, 
with the goal of reaching the 'orange zone' -- aka maximum fat burning zone 
that stimulates metabolism, increases energy and improves endurance. 

Founded in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 2010 by exercise physiologist, Ellen Latham, 
Orangetheory combines treadmills, rowing machines, TRX weight bands and other exercises 
into a 60-minute, action-packed class where participants can burn up to 800-1,000 calories.  

The workout room was basic, with rowing machines, treadmills, and an open area for floor exercises.
You can choose to start the class on either the treadmill or the rowing machine.
The trainer begins the class, and then you rotate from one area to the next in groups.

Trainers are provided training on both the science of the OTF method 
(focusing on heart-rate-based interval training and the cause & effect of metabolic change through EPOC)
 as well as the coaching format of the workout through a fairly intensive training program 
called OT FIT (TM), which is now a NASM-accredited training certification.

In the open floor area, trainers lead you through strengthening exercises with free weights and ropes.
Every rotation, the exercise in the open floor area is different, providing variation 
to strengthen and tone your whole body and switch up your workout for fun!

The state-of-the-art treadmills are equipped with options for different grades to climb 
and different speeds for beginner to advanced workouts.

What I liked best about the workout was the ability to customize it to my own abilities.
Being a non-active person, I was able to participate fully and not feel like I was failing in any way.
The trainer encouraged me to push myself a little harder each rotation and up my goals to do my best!

I also really liked watching my progress on the screen provided by the heart monitor I wore.
It was rewarding to see how many calories I was burning and keep myself accountable 
as I saw I could push myself a little harder to make a difference in my workout.
It was fun to see my report they mailed to me after the class as well!

What's more is the proven result of interval training and what's called the 'EPOC' effect, 
or post-exercise oxygen consumption — which is the workout “after-burn” effect, 
meaning that Orangetheory participants burn 200-400 more calories 24-36 hours after the workout. 
How cool is that???

The Newport Beach studio is the first West Coast location for Orangetheory
with more planned throughout Orange County, San Diego and Los Angeles.

Pricing ranges from $12 - $30 per class, depending on the membership option selected by the member.  
They have multiple membership options to accommodate the varying needs of their clients.

For more info on a class near you, go to
or visit them on Facebook!

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