Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Review: REvitalize!

This week I received an exciting package from the company RE!
I had read about their products and wanted to try their juice blend, REvitalize.

RE's vision is to strengthen our minds and bodies with vital nutrients and antioxidants
to make us the healthiest, strongest people we can be!

Here are the powerful and tasty ingredients you will find in REvitalize!
You can go on the RE website to learn more about each of these super fruits.

apple: filled with antioxidants to help fight free radical cells in the body. 
apricot: yellow/orange colored tree fruit with tons of Vitamin A. 
black raspberry: great source for Vitamin C. 
blueberry: plant-grown, rich in antioxidants, helps support vitality. 
blackberry: great for the digestive system, high content of fiber. 
cranberry: found in shrubs, filled with polyphenol antioxidants. 
dark sweet cherry: good source of Vitamin C and fiber. 
elderberry: native to South America, rich in powerful antioxidants. 
goji berry: bright orange-red color, native to southeastern Europe and Asia. 
mangosteen: small purple fruit reigning from Indonesia, rich in potassium. 
maqui: from Chile, filled with antioxidants, helps support vitality. 
pear: filled with fiber that can support a healthy digestive system. 
pomegranate: exotic red fruit native to modern day Iran, rich in antioxidants. 
prickly pear: found in the Americas, tough skinned, rich in magnesium. 
red sour cherry: helps support anti inflammatory benefits. 
red grape: vine grown, filled with flavonoids. 
red raspberry: from Europe/northern Asia, rich in Vitamin C and gallic acid, helps support vitality. 
seabuckthorn: reddish orange color, grown on shrubs, rich in Vitamin C. 
strawberry: rich in folate, Vitamin C and flavonoids. 
white grape: vine-grown, extremely rich in antioxidants. 
yumberry: native to eastern Asia, helps support vitality. 

For our family, a supplement is only as good as how it tastes!
No matter how good for us it is, it must be tasty too.

REvitalize is delicious!
I loved how it tasted and it didn't upset my sensitive stomach!
My picky little girl gulped it down and asked for more!
I know that I will have no problem getting her to take her "vitamins" now!

Look at all these great nutrients!
Your body will thank you.
And so will all those who will benefit from your improved mind and body function!

To try RE products for yourself, go to their website to find a retailer near you.
You're going to love it!

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