Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Ribbon Wreath!

I love ribbon. And wreaths. And lots and lots of color!!

Every since I helped my sister make a ribbon wreath a few weeks ago,
I've been color-scheming in my mind.
And since Christmas is here, I chose my favorite Christmas color combo!

You should know all the things I did wrong so you can do them right.

This beautiful creation will take one styrofoam wreath, not cheap,
and around 12 rolls of ribbon, also not cheap.
Plan your shopping around sales and not making a wreath on a whim!

And be prepared with hours and hours of television,
because this baby will take you forever!!

But I love it. Every loop of ribbon is my favorite.
I would do it again, and you know next time it will be a rainbow of colors.
Because I love ribbon. And I love rainbows even more.

Merry Christmas Ribbon Wreath to YOU!


Cherish said...

It is beautiful! I love the ribbon choices.

Heidi Fuqua said...

I love all the colors in the wreath. I looks gorgeous.

Heidi’s Wanderings

Tonia L said...

That is just beautiful! What a great idea - you could make them for all sorts of holidays. Love it!

Stephanie Paxman said...

So pretty Jamie--and perfectly round!

Lorie said...

It is gorgeous! And I love the colors you chose!


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