Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Legoland California Holiday Snow Days & Winter Nights!

Are you looking for a great little getaway for your family over the holidays??
Legoland California presents Holiday Snow Days & Winter Nights!

Legoland California is located in San Diego, 
where you can enjoy some of the world's best weather year-round!

And just for the holidays, Legoland California has 50 tons of snow 
for your family to enjoy in the warm Southern California sunshine!

My kids loved playing in the snow, building Lego snowmen, and more!

One of our favorites was the 7 foot snow hills for tubing!
Grown-ups and kids can both enjoy speeding down the tube runs!

There were so many fun photo ops too!

We rode the Lego reindeer...

...and took pictures with Santa in front of the largest Lego tree in the world!

The best part is that Holiday Snow Days & Winter Nights are included 
in your regular admission price, so you can enjoy the rest of the park too!

And don't forget our favorite Legoland treat, fresh churros in warm dipping chocolate!

If you really want to excite your kids, let them know you'll be staying the night next door
at the totally awesome, kidtastic Legoland hotel!

Some of our favorite things about the Legoland hotel:

* The Lego play area with thousands of legos that are washed every night!
* Bricks Buffet, hands down the best hotel breakfast buffet I've ever experienced!
* The disco elevators are a blast!
* The themed rooms with separate sleeping area for the kids are fun and comfortable!
* The treasure hunt activity that leads you to the treasure chest in your room!

Come check out all that Legoland California has to offer!
It is the most original theme park you'll ever experience!

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Cherish said...

What adorable photos you captured! And a breakfast buffet that beats Vegas???


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