Thursday, February 28, 2013

Be Kind...

This week has been a little crazy in our community.
Our hearts have been broken and we have asked why!

And I have discovered yet again that I have misjudged and been critical...
when I should have been loving and helpful.

I turn to this quote again and again in my life,
as I struggle to be a better person.

And I pray each night with my family that we may Be Kind.

It also comes in pink, yellow and blue...because I like options.
You may download HERE for free...for personal use only please.



Angela @ Nine More Months said...

This is beautiful, Jaime. I've only ever known you to be loving and helpful.

Marti said...

That is such an inspirational print. We could all use a moment to think about that before we open our mouths. I'm sorry you were hurt.

Katie @ Creatively Living said...

That is a great printable! Pinning to the Monday Funday pin board! Thanks for sharing!


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