Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Guardian Bikes

Recently we were invited to try out an old favorite with a new twist!
Guardian Bikes feature the newest technology to keep your kids safe while they ride.

Guardian Bikes was founded by Brian Riley 
after a bad bike accident injured his grandfather.
Brian developed SureStop brakes, 
a system that locks the front and back brakes 
simultaneously with one hand lever. 
SureStop prevents kids from going over the handlebars, keeping them safe.

My kids loved the stylish colors and designs!
I loved how light they are and how fast they are to put together right out of the box!

Here are some more features!

Full List of Safety Features 
SureStop Brakes 
 -No front wheel lockup 
 -Easier for children–only one lever controls both brakes 

Easy Ride Geometry 
 -Wheel base is extended and bottom bracket is lowered for an overall lower center of gravity, 
making the bike harder to tip over and easier to ride. 

Sturdier Steering 
 -Guardian Bikes’ steering components make it easier for kids to steer as they ride. 

 -Mostly made of aluminum, Guardian Bikes are easier for a child to control due to their light weight. 

High Quality Components 
 -SureStop Brakes 
 -Shimano shifting 
 -Kenda tires 
 -Double wall rims for durability 

The Facts about Guardian Bikes 
-For children ages 4-12 
-Designed in 20” and 24” size frames 
-Designed in bold colors and patterns for both boys and girls 
-The only children’s bikes with SureStop brake technology 
-Officially launching September 2015 
-Will be available online and at specialty retailers

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