Saturday, November 8, 2014

Farrell's Veterans Day All American Red, White and Blue Thank You Sundae!

We kicked off this Veteran's Day weekend with a trip to Farrell's
to try their Red, White and Blue Thank You Sundae!

With two scoops of vanilla ice cream, blueberry compote, 
strawberry syrup, whipped cream, sprinkles and a cherry on top,
this is the most delicious way to celebrate Veteran's Day!

Farrell's would like to treat every veteran and current military personnel 
to a FREE Thank You Sundae for their service to our country!

Acceptable ID's include a U.S. Uniform Services ID Card (active/reserve/retired), 
Current Leave and Earnings Statement (LES), 
Photograph of yourself in uniform, 
Veterans Organizations Card (e.g., American Legion and VFW), 
DD214 or discharge paperwork. 
One free sundae per person for the weekend and no sharing.
 Unless, of course, it’s with another Veteran or active military man or woman. 

Non-military personnel may also purchase the sundae for $7.76.
Get one and have a conversation with your family 
about how much we appreciate our veterans!

Happy Veteran's Day!

1 comment:

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Happy Vet's Day to you too. The kids are soooo cute and I know those are ice cream smiles....:))


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