Sunday, November 16, 2014

Winds of Change

This year has been one of many changes for our family.

A year ago our life looked something like this:
Every morning we would sleep in til 8 or so until the children went off to get breakfast.
 I stayed in my bed until 9 when we started school in our pajamas
 and stayed in them until right before Daddy came home 
when I showered and changed into clean pajamas.
My wardrobe consisted of church clothes and pajamas, with a couple every day outfits.

We left the house maybe once or twice a week for groceries or some other random errand.
We went to the doctor every couple of years when we got too sick.
We mocked those people running around crazy with school schedules.
Our life was simple and relaxed, and relatively easy.

And then bit by bit, our simple life changed.

We started school, as independent study students at a charter school.
We started going a couple days a week, and now our children are there full-time, 
with me working as the librarian.

Cancer came on the scene, and our years of infrequent doctor visits were a thing of the past.
We were at the doctor multiple times a week, 
filling more prescriptions than I've had my whole life.

We are up every morning and out the door fully dressed with no idea when we'll be home again.
My wardrobe has evened out and my pajamas don't dominate the drawers anymore.
I have makeup on everyday.
My hair has gone from long to short.
And my world is bigger and more satisfying because of all the people I have come to know.

When I read this quote recently, it rang so true for me.
I have watched people fight the changes in their lives and it has made them sad.

I promise that if you will have the faith to build a windmill,
you can harness the power of the winds of change in your life
and use them to move you forward to a bigger and better destiny!

I know because this year we have been blown, but not blown about,
as we have embraced our new reality and rejoiced in the blessings of change.



BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Wonderful post, but I do hope things are getting better in the health department.

Organized Island said...

It was great seeing you last night. You truly look great and I hope that means you are kicking cancer's butt. Blessings to you and your awesome and inspiring attitude!

Jaime Jenkins said...

I am thankful to be feeling better and am hopeful that I can be cancer free soon!

Jaime Jenkins said...

I was so happy to see you as well! I'm hoping the cancer is totally gone soon!


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