Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Plum District: Mother's Day Deals!

Plum District has been busy gathering lots of great deals for the busy moms!!
My favorite Mother's Day gift would definitely involve food that I didn't cook myself,
and Plum District has everything from eats to treats!


Here's an awesomely delicious combo: somebody makes a pizza for you with all your favorite toppings, using fresh ingredients,
and then you get to bake it at home, claim all the credit, and enjoy it piping hot.
Papa Murphy's even has appetizers, salads, and desserts to round out your meal.

Click HERE for this great deal!!


Looking for the best brunch in South Orange County? Oh, we've found it.
And the restaurant that makes it also serves delicious lunch and dinner plates as well.
Gather your family and head to Zona's for Italian-American cuisine at it's best!
Click HERE for this delicious deal!


Cake pops are not only the most adorable dessert you could possibly want at your next party, they're also the tastiest.
Just a Bite® Cake Pops, especially, makes delightfully amazing party packs.
This beautifully decorated bouquet of cake pops includes four classic flavors: chocolate, zesty lemon, vanilla and red velvet.
The pops are dipped in a white and pastel candy coating, decorated by hand, then placed in a gorgeous seasonal container.
 They look just like a bouquet of flowers, only they're... edible!

Click HERE for this delightful deal!

For other fantastic mommy deals, click HERE!!

Be sure to spoil the moms in your life this week!
Happy Mother's Day!!

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