Monday, March 16, 2015

Farrell's celebrates St. Patrick's Day!

Farrell's is celebrating St. Patrick's Day all through the month of March
with a brand new burger and ice cream sundae!

The Blarney Burger is a tasty tower 
with a Farrell’s fresh (never frozen) 1/2 lb. all-beef burger
 topped with Farrell's made-from-scratch Guinness® cheese sauce, 
crispy Tater Tots®, succulent corned beef, 
and a house-made horseradish mustard and cabbage slaw.

 On the side? 
What else, but Farrell’s take on Irish nachos: 
french fries covered in Farrell's finger-licking 
Guinness cheese sauce, bacon and green onions.

Kelsey and Daddy gobbled the Blarney Burger right up!
I loved the slices of corned beef!

The Pot O' Gold sundae was a huge sundae 
made of 3 scoops of mint chocolate chip and chocolate ice cream, 
swirled with hot fudge, and topped with a mountain of green whipped cream, 
rainbow sprinkles, a chocolate mint cookie and a cherry!

Come experience the Luck of the Irish at Farrell's this month!
You won't leave hungry, just happy!

Blarney Burger and Irish Nachos is $13.99 and the Pot O’ Cold is $8.99.

Find your closest Farrell's at!

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