Saturday, March 21, 2015

Farrell's Tater Creator!

So I was super excited about The Great Tater Creator at Farrell's!

Everyone got their own Tater Creator sheet to pick their favorite fries and toppings!
There's even a cheat sheet on the other side with some recommended combos.

It was great for the kids too, who definitely don't have the same tastes in food 
as their parents, or even each other!

These plates of fries disappeared quickly!
We had so much fun passing them all around to try each other's picks.

My favorite turned out to be the Don't Fry For Me Argentina plate
from the cheat sheet on the back!
Look at all those delicious toppings!

Here's a list of all the taters and toppings!

    - Fries
    - Potato Tots
    - Sweet Potato Fries
    - Waffle Fries

    - Brown Gravy
    - Buffalo Sauce
    - Cheese Sauce
    - Farrell’s Chili
    - Farrell’s Sauce
    - Tangy Balsamic
Regular Toppers:
    - American Cheese
    - Anaheim Chilis
    - Bacon Crumbles
    - Black Olives
    - Bleu Cheese
    - Cheddar Cheese
    - Chopped Onions
    - Crushed Garlic
    - Fresh Basil
    - Grilled Onions
    - Jalapeños
    - Parmesan Cheese
    - Pico de Gallo
    - Scallions
    - Sour Cream

    - Fried Egg
    - Ground Beef
    - Guacamole
    - Sautéed Mushrooms with Truffle Oil

    - BBQ Sauce
    - Bleu Cheese Dressing
    - Chipotle Sauce
    - Farrell’s Sauce
    - Honey Mustard
    - Ranch

The Tater Creator is great alongside your favorite Farrell's burger
or on its own as a tasty appetizer option!

Come try it before it's gone!

For your local Farrell's info, go to!

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Organized Island said...

Oh my goodness a Tater Creator! I love potatoes. What a great idea - have not been to Farrell's in a while but I think I need to now!


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